Cancer Brought Me To Colliape

Something amazing happens when I get to spend time with my sis….I forget all about having cancer or the poking and prodding that comes along with it.  Last week was the week of my regular bone density test, bone and CT scan as well as following up with my oncologist.  All the tests showed great results.  The doctor is urging me to consider a bone density drug called Xgeva.  I read up on everything and this one has numerous side effects, one being necrosis (rotting away) of the jaw (now my would anyone sign up for that).  All signs point to HELL NO.  My curiosity wants to know why a drug that claims to improve bone density will selectively destroy a jawbone.  Is it because people cannot physically see their other bones and the jawbone can become more visible as it deteriorates?  Sounds to me like the pharmaceutical industry is pulling the wool over peoples eyes.  They also state that while taking this particular drug that people are more prone to femoral and hip fractures…..the very thing they claim it is supposed to improve.  I will also like to add that this injection (eeewww) comes with a price tag average of $1700.00 every four weeks.  Again…..HELL NO.

Anyway….on to the sunny side of this story….

My sister met me in Dallas, we did some shopping and enjoyed good food (and a couple of trendy cocktails) in between trips to the medical center.  Three cocktails that really impressed me were a mezcal blood orange margarita with a small spoon of avocado cilantro, a tangerine infused champagne with a marigold garnish and a prickly pear margarita.

One of the things we REALLY love to do is visit thrift stores, unfortunately, the ones we found had nothing but junk so we came up empty-handed.  What we did find was a small marketplace outside of town that had an awesome little assemblage of shops with homemade candles and soaps (all the good stuff).  I bought a campfire scented candle which I absolutely LOVE.  FullSizeRenderI am ashamed at how much it cost so I’m not going to say (LOL).  At another shop had the pair of sunglasses I have searched a long time for (score). I always take random pics so here are a few from this trip.  I had to include a pic of Colliape, a little aloe vera plant that we rescued from a Mexican restaurant.  Someone had given her pink highlights and plopped her in an empty vegetable can.  We busted her out and she is now living happily on my back porch in a proper container waiting for the pinkness to grow out.  🙂 I cannot grasp how someone thought painting a plant was a good idea.

I can’t begin to say enough how much I needed a little time with my sister.  Even in the times I was being poked by needles and laying in scanners, all I was thinking about is the fun times we were going to have when all of it was finished.  She is truly the bestest.

Hope everyone has a super wonderful day 🙂


Mixed Emotions

It seems like just yesterday that I talked with my Aunt Sue.  Today it will be 17 days since she passed and I still cannot wrap my head around it.  We spoke on the phone frequently, and in our conversations we talked about family but mostly about our cancer.  We had both been diagnosed with breast cancer (at different times) and although there were similarities in our journeys, there were also differences as every person has a unique relationship with this ‘meanie’.  I am going to miss our conversations but I made a decision.  My beautiful Aunt has left this life for somewhere greater so I can honor her by being the best I can be until I see her again.  This picture was taken a few years ago when my Aunt Patsy and I visited her in California.  Aunt Sue is on the left, Aunt Patsy in the middle and me on the right.  Sue patsy me

When it comes to battling, we must be at our best and lately I have been slacking having more carbohydrates than usual as well as more fruity, sugar-ridden cocktails.  Anyway, I decided it was time to get back on track.   It is astounding how one small step in the wrong direction can get a person totally detoured.  This past week I picked up a book written by Vani Hari called, The Food Babe Way which focuses on the food we eat and exactly what in it including GMO’s, antibiotics, preservatives and lotsa other gross stuff.  Vani is an advocate for all of us, fighting for us and fighting for us to be able to trust in the foods we purchase.  At first I thought it was food babe waygoing to mean getting rid of a lot of what was in the pantry but turns out I am doing a pretty darn good job at deciphering food labels.  Very few of the items in the pantry failed.  This morning and started planning my strategy and I think its going to be easier than I thought.  There are so many great resources out there.   A few that I have found useful are:

It is frustrating and disappointing that we as consumer must fight our way through the sea of processed food in order to find the products that are actually safe to put in our bodies.  As of right now I am starting Chapter 3 and have been unable to stop reading for very long.  Of course, I always investigate further and find out if the information is the same across the board….check and double check. We can never have too much information about the foods we eat.

This week I am attending a seminar/interactive class for people with cancer that covers nutrition, fitness, skin care and lots of other fun stuff so a post is coming regarding that.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.  🙂


Algebra Aftermath

dust storm over lakeWOW!!  The wind has been CRAZY.  A small dust storm blew in.  House is clean except for the new dust that came with the storm, dinner made, then….&**$%*$#%—–I meant Algebra homework  :/  Now, I am a right-brain person and this is either really, really hard –or I am over-thinking it.  My  strategy for passing this class is to make 100 on all homework assignments in hopes that the final average is a 70.  Before starting this class, my confidence was high, I had a great attitude and was Train your mind to see good in every situationready to slay this monster.  That confidence turned to frustration and now I am coming to terms that maybe some people ‘just don’t get it’.  (Note to Self:  Think Positive) There came a point where I just had to STOP for today.  Turns out, my time was better spent prepping a few meal helpers for the week, skimming through an anatomy book and catching up with blogs.

Check out the ‘highlights’ from this past week.  It was fun being in the kitchen for sure. When creativity hit you gotta run with it.

EXCITED to have the opportunity to use the cute bowl my sister gave me which is actually meant for olives.  Plopped one on top–perfect.

GuacTHANKFUL that the leftover Brussel’s sprouts and spinach pasta made an awesome salad with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella pearls.

DISCOVERED that fresh Brussel’s sprouts are so much better.  I’ve cooked them before with seasoning but this time I left them plain. YUMMMM!!

EXPERIMENTED with fish cakes–went amazingly well.  Mixed three white fish (cod) filets, one individual package salmon, green onions and ground.  Was actually somewhat similar to a crab cake.

As far as school, Anatomy and Ethics are going really well–loving them both.  It’s just the ^)&^*&(*& Algebra.

Be Seein’ Ya







Hello 2018: Let’s Do This

Intuition tells me that 2018 is going to be sensational.  It is being met with a renewed sense of self, a positive attitude and big plans.  This last year’s focus has been primarily on all the unknowns regarding metastatic breast cancer but I’ve done my homework, feel prepared and confident…Bring it on.

Sayonara 2017….We made it.  First let me say – my sister is the best.  She sent me a box full of things I giftsLOVE….a Himalayan salt lamp, a cute serving bowl, hand scrub (smells awesome), a soft comfy t-shirt and a pair earrings she caught me eyeballing on my trip to Houston.  She’s always telling me I’m a ‘hard sell’ because I can usually talk myself out of purchasing things and she is an ‘easy sell’ so she bought them for me.   Christmas Eve was a little sad knowing that our families were celebrating and we were home so to cheer myself up I watched two movies I’d never seen before, Miracle on 34th Street and Chocolat.  Both were excellent movies….a lot of valuable lessons to be learned from both.

hair3My husband and I agreed not to get each other gifts because we have everything we need, however, I did put together a small bag of cookies, candy, summer sausage and jerky for him since ‘treats’ in the house are unheard of these days.  Guilt….that’s it.  I was feeling guilty for depriving him of ‘ junk food’.  One word….ration.  I treated myself to a haircut and highlights…SOOOO needed a little pampering


Visit Family More Often…. Even though this past year has been difficult with a recurrent cancer diagnosis, there is really no excuse why I did not visit my family more.  This year is going to be different.  My husband and I both come from very small families, most of which all live in Texas.  Our parents are getting older, my Dad will turn 80 in June.  Time passes at an incredibly rapid speed these days so it’s important that every opportunity be taken.

positiveSurround Myself With Positive People….This year I am climbing into my positivity bubble and entry will not be granted to those who ‘harsh my mellow’.  The time has come to focus on myself, my health and my happiness.

Create An Environment That Cancer Hates….This is easier said than done but I’m ready to give it a whirl.  There is a wealth of information available so I will make it my job to educate myself and create a body that cancer finds unsuitable.

createWrite and Create More….These two are the most exciting because they encompass a broad spectrum. I definitely want start cooking more and perhaps trying some new creative things.

Less TV – Less Cell Phone….TV will not be a problem because it is rare for me to sit for long periods anyway.  I love documentaries and things that are real but have little use for the rest of it.  .

gonzoTake More Pictures….My husband and I are the worst when it comes to remembering to take photos.  This year is I am going to make it my responsibility to remember.

This does appear like a slight over-commitment but I can do it because I believe in ME.

Have a Happy New Year and may the universe bring us all abundant Blessings.  🙂