Navigating life takes strength and bravery

An ever-changing mission

A team of one wearing many hats

The ability to endure the elements and be resourceful

To be viable in the most extreme conditions

Dependent and self-sufficient

Smiling confidently through difficulties

Persevering through obstacles

Remaining calm under pressure

Being thankful for each new day













Holiday Poem

A simple Christmas
My husband, myself
No stockings, no lights
Just elf on a shelf
Today families gather
Share laughter and love
Watched over by angels
That look from above
The end of December
Will ring the new year
Vowed resolutions
Champagne and beer

For us that is …..

Happy Holidays to Everyone xoxo 🙂

A Fly At My Party

fly partyWaking up early to rain hitting our tin roof.  I love the sound, just not at 4:00 in the morning.  Looks like it’s going to hang around all day as well.  Guess it’s time to tackle that ewwwie to-do list.

Took time this morning to write down a few thoughts that were bustling about in my head.  It’s been awhile since I’ve put thoughts into words.  It felt really good.  Hope everyone has an awesome day.

The morning is quiet
Thoughts rushing in
Some acknowledged
Others cast aside
A plethora of questions
I inquire of myself
Is it fault of my own?
Some action of mine
Why was I chosen?
A host of this unwanted guest
A fly at my party
This is but life
Offerings of wonderful
Along with the wicked
A mission of focus
One solitary solution
Must search deep within
Retrieve my armor
Face my enemy
Confront to conquer