I’m Gonna Starve….

A peek into the future…….

Waitress:  May I take your order?

Me:  Ummmm…I will have the broccoli salad, dry, with a side of broccoli. Sigh!!

Today a friend sent me a couple of videos pertaining to the food industry.  It is both shocking and sad that our country is basically killing us.  These are the two videos I watched.  They are both available on Netflix, YouTube and Amazon.

quicheFor over 180 minutes I was at a loss for words.  I sat there, hungry, but didn’t get up because I couldn’t stop watching.  After finally making my way to the kitchen I cut a slice of freshly baked spinach quiche and found a piece of black rubber, most likely a piece of drive belt from the machinery used to process the spinach.  How is that for perfect timing?   Disgusted, I threw the whole thing out.  What is this world coming to.  It was a beautiful, delicious quiche but it had a flaw, IT HAD RUBBER IN IT.  (Scream)

Dinner for tonight is still up in the air.  There is half a poached salmon filet that probably contains mercury, Brussels sprout that may have been sprayed with pesticide so the only safe thing is broccoli sprouts that I grew myself.  Actually, the salmon is labels safe, the Brussels sprout are organic so I should be good, right?  Or are they lying about that too?  And as far as sprinkling anything with cheese, well, shredded cheese contains sawdust to keep it from sticking together.

Is there hope?

My tummy is growling.  Sigh!!  :/

ONJ Cancer Wellness and Research Centre

Curiosity has always been my nature so why would being curious about cancer be any different?  It’s interesting to me that cancer research and treatment options are so varied around the world.  To get right to the point, I believe that the United States values the dollar more than it values it’s people.  They ARE the drug dealers.  Unfortunately, they leave us very little choice but to submit to taking these poisons.

Ok….on to something positive.

onj2Everyone remembers the movie ‘Grease’ and the bubbly blonde played by Olivia Newton-John.  Over the past few months, I have become intrigued by her story and her journey with breast cancer.   This all started after seeing her appearance on the Dr. Oz show and hearing her speak of her battle with breast cancer.  She also spoke of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre in Australia where she plays a very active role.  I must mention that it was very important to her that ‘Wellness’ be a part of the name because she hopes that one day there will only be a need for wellness.  I couldn’t agree more.

Navigating cancer can definitely bring a person down so staying in a positive environment, having a good support system and staying active is very important.  I visited the ONJ Cancer Wellness and Research Centre website and was really impressed by what they have to offer their patients.  Although it is a hospital and research organization, the wellness programs are what I found pretty darn awesome.  Programs support the patient’s body, mind, and spiritual needs.  These include art, cooking, music, yoga, image, massage, emotional support and intimacy support.

I must admit that I have a great medical team but sometimes I wonder why we aren’t offered everything that is possibly available to us.  Someone is ultimately making our ONJchoices for us by limiting the choices we have.  There I go ranting again….Turning back to positive.

I think it’s so awesome that Olivia dedicates so much of her life to such a wonderful cause.   The world needs more people like her.




Multivitamins – Yay or Nay?

Did you know that to be effective a vitamin must dissolve in a timely manner, however, vitamins foodmost tablet vitamin supplements pass through the body half dissolved.  There is a simple way to test your vitamin using white vinegar.  For detailed instructions and which vitamins this test applies to CLICK HERE.  These products are expensive so you would assume they have already been tested.  The fact is, manufacturers and distributors, not the FDA, are responsible for evaluating the safety and labeling of their products as well as meeting FDA standards. For more information visit the FDA Website.   It is important to read the label and look for sugar, corn syrup, binders, fillers, artificial colors and preservatives such as BHA and BHT.  Binders such as wood pulp will leave a residue when dissolved.  Wax coatings make swallowing tablets easier but dissolving more difficult.

I stopped taking a multivitamin a while back, however, I still had them.  In the one hour test time a little over half of the tablet was dissolved leaving filler floating on the top AND settled on the bottom.  I will say that I expected better results from a major brand vitamin.  After researching this topic it was determined that gel vitamins provide the most benefits.  It is best to obtain the majority of vitamins and nutrients from diet and supplement only when necessary.

Here are some additional resources:  There is a ton of information out there so I would suggest poking around a bit to make sure you are getting quality vitamins. 

Vitamins:  How to Tell Natural from Synthetic (CLICK HERE)

Nutrition and Healthy Eating (CLICK HERE)

Multivitamin Reviews (CLICK HERE )

Have a fabulous day 🙂



SUGARCIDE: Death By Sugar

sugarOh gosh….Where do I begin?

My initial query was….Is Sugar Feeding My Cancer?  Researching this topic yielded varied opinions.  In the end I determined that avoiding sugar would be best for someone living with cancer.

The choices that people make daily are causing obesity and a decline in the overall health of the population. Convenience has taken priority over making health conscience decisions. In my opinion, the majority of society has become lazy and people find it much easier to pull into a fast food restaurant, purchase pre-packaged meals, ready-made condiments and beverages rather than taking a little extra time to prepare these at home from fresh ingredients. Most of these items are loaded with sugars, especially soda and condiments.
A couple of years ago I really starting paying attention to labels and using the ShopWell App on my phone.  I was unaware of how much sugar I was adding to my diet just in condiments alone. Although personally I do not consume soda on a regular basis, I was shocked to learn that one regular soda contains approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar, if not more. There is a VIDEO on YouTube that shows the reduction process of soda and it was shocking. I am 50 years old and reflecting back to my childhood, it was a rare occasion when we were allowed to have a soda, sweets or fast food – MAYBE Burger King once a month if we begged. I was lucky that my Mama prepared all our meals at home, instilled the value of eating well and taught me to cook at a young age.
Times have changed, and the foods of convenience are a major contributor to the sugar we consume. It is saddening to see young children being fed continuous diets of processed foods high in sugar. Even more saddening is the fact that the control over their meals lies in the hands of parents and schools. Seriously, it does not require that much effort to pack a nutritious lunch for a child or for yourself. It is not a secret that these foods are unhealthy but some people refuse to give in when it comes to convenience and/or unwilling to alter their budget in order to make better decisions when it comes to what they put into their own body and the bodies of their family.
In urban areas, there are more available options and people are able to make healthier purchasing decisions. However, in rural communities lie mine, shopping for groceries can at times be challenging. I am in no way saying that it is impossible but there is the time consuming task of driving from one store to another to locate and gather healthy ingredients. In addition to being hard to find, these items are usually more expensive. I can see how this could be a struggle for families that must adhere to a budget and who lack the knowledge of how to shop and make sensible decisions. However, I am quite certain that if families were educated in nutrition, reading labels and given a certain amount to spend on food for one week they would find that choosing healthy foods would actually yield more food for amount spent.
Sugar is a major problem that is endangering our health with serious, life-threatening diseases which affect the heart, liver and other organs not neglecting to mention the dental problems that can arise. Sugar is also responsible for yeast overgrowth (candida) as well which can produce a wide variety of symptoms. The sugar issue needs to be aggressively addressed by both consumers and manufacturers. I believe that it has become an addiction itself and requires self-discipline and a little extra effort to make effective long-term changes. I also believe that products such as sodas and products high in added sugar should absolutely be taxed at a higher rate. This tax should include fruit juices with added sugar that fall into the same category because some of them contain the same amount of sugar as soda.
After viewing the videos and written resources it has become apparent that the sugar crisis is more serious that I thought and drastic programs must be implemented in order to solve it. Parents, schools, manufacturers and workplaces must unite together to make the changes necessary to ensure that future generations have a lesser risk of health conditions that are sugar related but ultimately it is up to each individual to become aware, educated, proactive and take responsibility for their own health.

There are many resources on this topic, both scientific and opinion based.  Here are two I found interesting and informative. 

Sugar and Cancer – Eat Right Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Does Sugar Feed Cancer – Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Have a great day 🙂