What’s Wrong with you, Eyebrows?

I have officially signed up for a ‘cancer wellness class’ because I NEED skin care tips and desperately need a professional ‘HOW TO’  painting my eyebrows.  Is that how you say it?  Paint on?  Anyway, since I began taking Letrozole (aromatase inhibitor) my eyebrows have thinned significantly.  Lack of estrogen can sure make daily maintenance more frustrating and time consuming.  My eyebrows have always been thick, the only dilemma being the need for constant plucking.  It has come to the point where I considered just shaving them off all together because it’s seriously hard to shape them due to the haphazard way they grow.  Then I thought about it a little harder.  Would people be looking at me thinking ‘something is missing but I just can’t put my finger on it – HA, I got it, she’s missing eyebrows’.  Or, a little kid might just come straight out and ask, Where are your eyebrows?’.  Truthfully, it’s not that big of a deal, it is just going to take some getting used to, and some training of course.

One program  I found is called Look Good Feel Better and focuses on teaching people with cancer how to manage appearance-related side effects while undergoing treatment.  This includes hair, skin, nail care and cosmetics.  The program is free and cosmetics for the patient’s specific skin tone are included.  I have been extremely fortunate that my only issues are superficial – slight hair thinning, dry skin and brittle nails.

The second program I found is called ‘Beauty and You’ at Hendricks Cancer Center in Abilene, Texas.  This particular program is more in-depth and covers nutrition, lifestyle, spirituality, as well as a cosmetic/appearance segment.

I cant wait to meet great people.  🙂

makeupJust in case I am bringing my own depressing ‘hodgepodge’ bag of cosmetics.  It’s a little messy but after wiping off the fingerprints it won’t look so tragic.  Shopping for make-up does not rank among my favorite things to do so it is usually done quickly without too much thought.

A little more thought is put into selecting appropriate moisturizers and ‘skin-preserving’ products.

Here are some of what I am using now:


collagenWhere moisturizer, toner and masks are concerned, LoReal is my favorite.  In the evening before I take off my make-up I apply jojoba oil to my face, leave it for about 30 minutes and wash it off in the shower.  It makes my skin feel very soft.  The Vitamin C is something I apply before moisturizer, maybe two times per week.  It’s supposed to help build collagen but who knows if that’s true.  One other thing that is fairly new for me is a collagen supplement which I’m hoping to get results from.

Have a fantastic day!!  🙂

Look Good Feel Better

Hair Care – The Magic and The Tragic

Coming from a person who lives with MBC, I can tell you….I’ve done a few bizarre hardheadthings and eaten some weird food, all in hopes of winning the war with cancer over my hair.  I travel the internet A LOT trying to discover the DO’S and DON’TS of diet, exercise, and lifestyle but mostly to find out what to do about hair loss. Curiosity says, ‘Try Me’ while Common Sense smacks me on the head and says, ‘Save your time and money’.  Well….sometimes I listen, sometimes I don’t.  Hard-headedness is hereditary from both sides of my family so there was no escaping it.

Losing one’s hair is traumatic, especially if you’re a woman.  In 2006 I went through chemo and lost all my hair so with my 2017 recurrence I assumed the same would happen and mentally prepared myself.  The only thing I did was make myself ‘mental’.  Currently I take Ibrance and Letrozole.  So far there has only been slight thinning and this is most likely from Letrozole which blocks estrogen.  I tried so many things when the thinning first started with no results.  For the past three weeks, in addition to 500mg cruciferous veggiesVitamin C and 5000mcg Biotin,  I have been using a collagen peptide supplement powder, 1 Tablespoon daily of walnut oil and eating A LOT of greens (recommended by my stylist).  In addition to greens (especially broccoli sprouts and mung bean sprouts) I have been consuming my fair share of ground flax, hemp hearts, pumpkin seeds and nuts.  The ‘shedding’ has reduced significantly which is great because West Texas winds are not ideal for wearing wigs.  Now, at the same time I was using ‘something else’ as well.

In my defense….I was in a panic.

At this point, if rattlesnake venom was said to stop hair loss I would have driven to the nearest snake farm and jumped naked into a pit of vipers.  igrowThat’s how desperate and delusional one can become over a few stands of lost hair.  Now for the best part…..drum roll please…..I bought an iGrow Hair Growth System with LED and Infrared Lighting to stimulate my sluggish hair follicles.  Not only does it appear to be signaling aliens but it looks silly. They were actually selling these at my sister’s salon but I igrow2found it online for way, way less.  I’ve actually been using it for a month now and it remains a mystery whether the shedding has ceased due to the collagen, oil greens combo or if this ‘transformer-like’ helmet has contributed.  Whatever I’m doing seems to be working. The photo was taken with the lights off so it would look more exciting.

Here is an extremely condensed version of things I have tried and my experience with them.


  • Plantur 39 Shampoo (great for scalp stimulation 1-2 times per week)
  • LoReal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm (this stuff is awesome)
  • It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin
  • Nioxin Thickening Spray
  • Big Sexy Powder Play
  • Coconut, Almond, Walnut or Avocado Oil (works great for dry ends)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (Pro:  Great Conditioner – Con:  Deters Husband)


  • The Mane Choice Hair Oil (messy/no results)
  • Wild Growth Hair Oil (messy/odd smell/no results)
  • Doo Gro Shampoo (dried out hair)
  • Natural Honey as conditioner (colossal mess – I should have seen that coming)

The way I see it, it doesn’t hurt to try – even if WHATEVER it is fails to work – there is always the chance that it will.  My nutrition habits are evolving, a work in progress, and more and more leaning toward a mostly plant based diet.  Like I’ve said before, fish and eggs are my KEEPERS.  I feel proper nutrition plays a huge part in whether my hair decides to hang around or ride off  into the sunset.

Have a great day 🙂




Make Thinning Hair Less Noticeable

January 3, 2018 I will begin my 10th cycle of Ibrance/Letrozole. So far, side effects have been minimal – limited to dry skin and hair thinning which I believe to be from the Letrozole. My hair has always been straight and fine so any loss is just short of traumatic even though it is hardly noticeable to others.  To save my hair, I try and get all my vitamins and nutrients from diet, consume A LOT of greens/cruciferous vegetables, take 500mg of vitamin C and 5000mcg of Biotin. When fresh greens are not available the powdered SuperGreens pick up the slack.
Since my hair is thin and I have stopped highlighting, my part is more noticeable. One product that I have found helpful is Everpro Gray Away.  It is available in powder and spray (I purchased the powder-light brown).  The color match was near perfect making my part less noticeable.

In the whole spectrum of things, hair thinning/loss in just a minor inconvenience.  What matters most is staying healthy.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day 🙂