Calling All Artists

Today’s e-newsletter came bearing an invitation for artwork submissions.  Art, in any form, can be a great source for relaxation allowing the mind to become clear and free of worry and distractions.  Take art for a spin by painting, writing, doodling or just taking some pretty pictures.  Here is the information if you are interested in participating.

Conquer Magazine is looking for artwork from patients that are using art as therapy.  This site offers a FREE e-newsletter subscription with valuable up-to-date resources and information.
You can submit your artwork to or click HERE for the submission form.

These are my submissions:

This is our dog Maggie.  She’s such a good model.

Have a Great Day 🙂

MBC Project

Today’s mail brought the MBC Project kit I requested.  I feel that metastatic breast cancer researchers need all the help they can get to find a cure so I signed up.  Registration is saliva kitsimple, consisting of a few questions regarding cancer history, the kit was mailed promptly and it all goes back in the same box (I liked that a lot – less waste).  I personally prefer visuals so I’ve included a photo of the kit.  Please go check it out and see if it’s something you may be interested in contributing to.

To save some time I copied and pasted the information from the FAQ page. (Go to MBC Project Site)

“The Metastatic Breast Cancer Project takes a new approach to cancer research in which researchers partner directly with patients, who share their samples and clinical information in order to speed important discoveries. The project is being launched and funded by the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard — a non-profit academic research institution with a mission to dramatically accelerate the understanding and treatment of disease — and conducted in collaboration with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute as well as our advocacy partners.
Our goal is to reach out to patients with metastatic breast cancer throughout the USA and Canada in order to study their cancer using cutting-edge genomic and molecular research studies performed at the Broad Institute by allowing patients to participate in these studies regardless of where they live. We are also asking patients from all over the world to sign up so that we can collect information worldwide and eventually expand to additional countries.”