Cancer Brought Me To Colliape

Something amazing happens when I get to spend time with my sis….I forget all about having cancer or the poking and prodding that comes along with it.  Last week was the week of my regular bone density test, bone and CT scan as well as following up with my oncologist.  All the tests showed great results.  The doctor is urging me to consider a bone density drug called Xgeva.  I read up on everything and this one has numerous side effects, one being necrosis (rotting away) of the jaw (now my would anyone sign up for that).  All signs point to HELL NO.  My curiosity wants to know why a drug that claims to improve bone density will selectively destroy a jawbone.  Is it because people cannot physically see their other bones and the jawbone can become more visible as it deteriorates?  Sounds to me like the pharmaceutical industry is pulling the wool over peoples eyes.  They also state that while taking this particular drug that people are more prone to femoral and hip fractures…..the very thing they claim it is supposed to improve.  I will also like to add that this injection (eeewww) comes with a price tag average of $1700.00 every four weeks.  Again…..HELL NO.

Anyway….on to the sunny side of this story….

My sister met me in Dallas, we did some shopping and enjoyed good food (and a couple of trendy cocktails) in between trips to the medical center.  Three cocktails that really impressed me were a mezcal blood orange margarita with a small spoon of avocado cilantro, a tangerine infused champagne with a marigold garnish and a prickly pear margarita.

One of the things we REALLY love to do is visit thrift stores, unfortunately, the ones we found had nothing but junk so we came up empty-handed.  What we did find was a small marketplace outside of town that had an awesome little assemblage of shops with homemade candles and soaps (all the good stuff).  I bought a campfire scented candle which I absolutely LOVE.  FullSizeRenderI am ashamed at how much it cost so I’m not going to say (LOL).  At another shop had the pair of sunglasses I have searched a long time for (score). I always take random pics so here are a few from this trip.  I had to include a pic of Colliape, a little aloe vera plant that we rescued from a Mexican restaurant.  Someone had given her pink highlights and plopped her in an empty vegetable can.  We busted her out and she is now living happily on my back porch in a proper container waiting for the pinkness to grow out.  🙂 I cannot grasp how someone thought painting a plant was a good idea.

I can’t begin to say enough how much I needed a little time with my sister.  Even in the times I was being poked by needles and laying in scanners, all I was thinking about is the fun times we were going to have when all of it was finished.  She is truly the bestest.

Hope everyone has a super wonderful day 🙂


3 thoughts on “Cancer Brought Me To Colliape

  1. Cute post! I can relate a bit to it. When my older sister was alive, we would go to Goodwill and buy so many trendy things there: hats, sunglasses, wigs, scarves, etc. She had stage 4 breast cancer and died last year. She is living in eternal bliss now and I’m so glad she is no longer suffering. However, I do miss those awesome trips to thrift stores and the $1 iced coffees afterwards. Praying for you and sending hugs your way 🙂

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