I’m Gonna Starve….

A peek into the future…….

Waitress:  May I take your order?

Me:  Ummmm…I will have the broccoli salad, dry, with a side of broccoli. Sigh!!

Today a friend sent me a couple of videos pertaining to the food industry.  It is both shocking and sad that our country is basically killing us.  These are the two videos I watched.  They are both available on Netflix, YouTube and Amazon.

quicheFor over 180 minutes I was at a loss for words.  I sat there, hungry, but didn’t get up because I couldn’t stop watching.  After finally making my way to the kitchen I cut a slice of freshly baked spinach quiche and found a piece of black rubber, most likely a piece of drive belt from the machinery used to process the spinach.  How is that for perfect timing?   Disgusted, I threw the whole thing out.  What is this world coming to.  It was a beautiful, delicious quiche but it had a flaw, IT HAD RUBBER IN IT.  (Scream)

Dinner for tonight is still up in the air.  There is half a poached salmon filet that probably contains mercury, Brussels sprout that may have been sprayed with pesticide so the only safe thing is broccoli sprouts that I grew myself.  Actually, the salmon is labels safe, the Brussels sprout are organic so I should be good, right?  Or are they lying about that too?  And as far as sprinkling anything with cheese, well, shredded cheese contains sawdust to keep it from sticking together.

Is there hope?

My tummy is growling.  Sigh!!  :/

Mixed Emotions

It seems like just yesterday that I talked with my Aunt Sue.  Today it will be 17 days since she passed and I still cannot wrap my head around it.  We spoke on the phone frequently, and in our conversations we talked about family but mostly about our cancer.  We had both been diagnosed with breast cancer (at different times) and although there were similarities in our journeys, there were also differences as every person has a unique relationship with this ‘meanie’.  I am going to miss our conversations but I made a decision.  My beautiful Aunt has left this life for somewhere greater so I can honor her by being the best I can be until I see her again.  This picture was taken a few years ago when my Aunt Patsy and I visited her in California.  Aunt Sue is on the left, Aunt Patsy in the middle and me on the right.  Sue patsy me

When it comes to battling, we must be at our best and lately I have been slacking having more carbohydrates than usual as well as more fruity, sugar-ridden cocktails.  Anyway, I decided it was time to get back on track.   It is astounding how one small step in the wrong direction can get a person totally detoured.  This past week I picked up a book written by Vani Hari called, The Food Babe Way which focuses on the food we eat and exactly what in it including GMO’s, antibiotics, preservatives and lotsa other gross stuff.  Vani is an advocate for all of us, fighting for us and fighting for us to be able to trust in the foods we purchase.  At first I thought it was food babe waygoing to mean getting rid of a lot of what was in the pantry but turns out I am doing a pretty darn good job at deciphering food labels.  Very few of the items in the pantry failed.  This morning and started planning my strategy and I think its going to be easier than I thought.  There are so many great resources out there.   A few that I have found useful are:

It is frustrating and disappointing that we as consumer must fight our way through the sea of processed food in order to find the products that are actually safe to put in our bodies.  As of right now I am starting Chapter 3 and have been unable to stop reading for very long.  Of course, I always investigate further and find out if the information is the same across the board….check and double check. We can never have too much information about the foods we eat.

This week I am attending a seminar/interactive class for people with cancer that covers nutrition, fitness, skin care and lots of other fun stuff so a post is coming regarding that.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.  🙂