ONJ Cancer Wellness and Research Centre

Curiosity has always been my nature so why would being curious about cancer be any different?  It’s interesting to me that cancer research and treatment options are so varied around the world.  To get right to the point, I believe that the United States values the dollar more than it values it’s people.  They ARE the drug dealers.  Unfortunately, they leave us very little choice but to submit to taking these poisons.

Ok….on to something positive.

onj2Everyone remembers the movie ‘Grease’ and the bubbly blonde played by Olivia Newton-John.  Over the past few months, I have become intrigued by her story and her journey with breast cancer.   This all started after seeing her appearance on the Dr. Oz show and hearing her speak of her battle with breast cancer.  She also spoke of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre in Australia where she plays a very active role.  I must mention that it was very important to her that ‘Wellness’ be a part of the name because she hopes that one day there will only be a need for wellness.  I couldn’t agree more.

Navigating cancer can definitely bring a person down so staying in a positive environment, having a good support system and staying active is very important.  I visited the ONJ Cancer Wellness and Research Centre website and was really impressed by what they have to offer their patients.  Although it is a hospital and research organization, the wellness programs are what I found pretty darn awesome.  Programs support the patient’s body, mind, and spiritual needs.  These include art, cooking, music, yoga, image, massage, emotional support and intimacy support.

I must admit that I have a great medical team but sometimes I wonder why we aren’t offered everything that is possibly available to us.  Someone is ultimately making our ONJchoices for us by limiting the choices we have.  There I go ranting again….Turning back to positive.

I think it’s so awesome that Olivia dedicates so much of her life to such a wonderful cause.   The world needs more people like her.




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