Multivitamins – Yay or Nay?

Did you know that to be effective a vitamin must dissolve in a timely manner, however, vitamins foodmost tablet vitamin supplements pass through the body half dissolved.  There is a simple way to test your vitamin using white vinegar.  For detailed instructions and which vitamins this test applies to CLICK HERE.  These products are expensive so you would assume they have already been tested.  The fact is, manufacturers and distributors, not the FDA, are responsible for evaluating the safety and labeling of their products as well as meeting FDA standards. For more information visit the FDA Website.   It is important to read the label and look for sugar, corn syrup, binders, fillers, artificial colors and preservatives such as BHA and BHT.  Binders such as wood pulp will leave a residue when dissolved.  Wax coatings make swallowing tablets easier but dissolving more difficult.

I stopped taking a multivitamin a while back, however, I still had them.  In the one hour test time a little over half of the tablet was dissolved leaving filler floating on the top AND settled on the bottom.  I will say that I expected better results from a major brand vitamin.  After researching this topic it was determined that gel vitamins provide the most benefits.  It is best to obtain the majority of vitamins and nutrients from diet and supplement only when necessary.

Here are some additional resources:  There is a ton of information out there so I would suggest poking around a bit to make sure you are getting quality vitamins. 

Vitamins:  How to Tell Natural from Synthetic (CLICK HERE)

Nutrition and Healthy Eating (CLICK HERE)

Multivitamin Reviews (CLICK HERE )

Have a fabulous day 🙂



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