Broccoli Sprouts are like Tiny Miracles

thYQCFB7CQSprouting is my new favorite thing to do.  Not only are sprouts super healthy but it’s so much fun watching them grow.

It is well-known that broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables are good for us but sprouts are even better.  The health benefits of this food comes from sulforaphane and broccoli sprouts are the main source.   The best thing I read was that sulforaphane does not concentrate on any particular organ – it fights at a cellular level and protects against all forms of cancer.  How awesome is that.

Growing sprouts at home from organic seeds was my only option really because they can no longer be found in supermarkets due to past problems with e coli and salmonella.  Broccoli sprouts came first since they seem to have the most cancer fighting benefits.  I ordered the seeds from True Leaf Market .  Super simple and in 5 days I had a beautiful jar of fresh broccoli sprouts.  They have a similar flavor to radishes.  First batch is rinsed and in the frig – second batch already started.

bob rossMung beans and wheatgrass are next.  And…. for my inner artist, a Bob Ross chia pet if I can find one – apparently they are selling like hotcakes this Christmas.  🙂

The Nutrition of Broccoli Sprouts  is a great read if you would like some general easy to understand information.

Have a great day 🙂



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